Wigan fishing tackle thieves caught by CCTV


Lee Hilton, an electrician who lives on Bexhill Drive, was one of many Hindley Green residents who fell victim to burglars in the early hours of Monday November 1.

The thieves, captured on various CCTV cameras in the area, also stole pedal bikes and bicycles from other homes, using a pair of bolt cutters. There seems to be little doubt that the incidents are linked.

Unfortunately, a flaw in Lee’s personal CCTV system prevented clear video of the theft itself, but he managed to piece together what happened using footage from neighbors.

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Hooded thieves with stolen fishing gear

He said, “You can tell it only took them a few seconds to get in the van.”

Having moved into his property 18 months ago, this is the third crime he and his family have suffered – including a terrifying encounter with masked intruders.

He said: ‘Since we moved here the car has already been broken into and then two masked thieves came in through the front door while we were in bed.

“They came in through the door and turned on the lights in the living room!”

Fortunately, this time Lee woke up before the intruders could take anything and scared them away.

As a keen angler who fishes for Leeds Tackle, Lee has spent years collecting the gear he uses on his weekly fishing trips.

He said: “People don’t realize how much it all means. I would say it all costs between seven and ten thousand pounds.

Various power tools that Lee needs for his job were also taken away, while other items were thrown outside the van.

He said, “They didn’t just take my hobby, they tried to take away my livelihood and they don’t care.

“It needs to be stopped, it really is.”

Anyone with information about break-ins or the possible whereabouts of stolen property can contact Greater Manchester Police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

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