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November 10, 2020 by Keith Worrall

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Time-tested bait is a must-have no matter where and what you’re fishing

BEMIDJI, Minn. (November 10, 2020) – There are lures that leave lasting impressions on fishing. And then there are transformative lures that change the sport forever. In ice fishing, Northland Fishing Tackle is at the forefront of fashion Buck-Shot Rattle Spoon is the latter.

Looking to put more fish on ice? Look no further than the tried and true Buck-Shot rattle spoon, a wonder for walleyes and other fish species. Simply put, the Buck-Shot Rattle Spoon is the hottest jigging spoon on the planet!

The iconic jigging spoon rests on its audible brass Buck-Shot rattle that attracts fish. An industry first, Northland fuses the signature brass rattle into a depression formed on the body of the lure. Maintaining visual realism, the rattle is then matched to the color of the back of the spoon.

Super-Glo Perch, Super-Glo Chub and Super-Glow Redfish (from top to bottom)

Speaking of cosmetics, the Buck-Shot Rattle Spoon is covered in Northland’s exclusive Baitfish-Image® “holographic” outer skin. The incredibly lifelike processing doesn’t just demand attention, the detailed scales, multi-tone color schemes and 3D eyeball deliver exceptional realism, which is vitally important through the ice.

Available in 1/16, 1/8, ¼, 3/8, ½ and ¾ ounce versions, choose from a multitude of designs including Silver Shiner, Gold Shiner, Super-Glo Perch, Super-Glo Firetiger, Golden Perch, Super-Glo Chub, Super-Glo Rainbow, Super-Glo Goldfish, Clown and Super-Glo Redfish. And you can boost brightness and visibility by adding one of six UV patterns to your Buck-Shot collection.

Brian “Bro” Brosdahl, Northland pro and ice fishing authority, is a longtime fan of the Buck-Shot rattle spoon, having literally put thousands of fish on ice with its unique sound and action.

“The Buck-Shot Rattle Spoon is legendary. I still trust him. The shape itself gets more bites than anything I’ve ever fished. Matching colors and brass rattle make this a deadly weapon. I’ll try other lures, but I usually go back to the reliable old Buck-Shot, and I know a lot of anglers across the ice belt in the US and Canada feel the same way.

In terms of colors, Bro’s favorite is Super-Glo Perch but says it’s a narrow win over Super-Glo Redfish. “All colors catch fish,” Bro says. “Add a head minnow or half a minnow, or a full minnow if they’re really active and you’ve got a weapon that’s put walleyes, perch and big sunfish on the ice for generations.”

UV pink tiger

Buck-Shot rattle spoons come in many different sizes, from panfish size to walleye and lake trout size. “The size range is ideal for anything that swims. I use them for walleyes and giant perch. But Buck-Shots are also great for big slab sunfish, and I’ve caught pike over forty inches and lake trout on them – even in open water,” says Bro.

When it comes to Buck-Shot Rattlesnake fishing, Bro offers a few tips that work time and time again for him on the ice.

“Just drop the bait and let it hit bottom and start jigging. If you are in the vegetation, stop it just above the greenery. You can rip or jig it subtly. Even just shaking and stopping, the fish swim up to investigate and eat it. But I like to unleash quick strikes. And it falls fast because of its torpedo shape.

Bro continues, “Test the jigging moves just below the hole, then drop the Buck-Shot and recreate the action. You can perform magic with the right rod to achieve the ultimate effect, whether you want to tear it apart or use subtle moves for idle gamefish. Often on the giant pelvis perch I use a 1/8 or 1/32 ounce Buck-Shot rattle spoon with waxworms, maggots or minnow head and hammer the bottom. This really gets the roost going and lures them in from a distance to attack. For walleyes in the rocks, drop it and hit it against the rocks. It really rocks the brass. Fish get angry with their fins up! I watched them on an Aqua-Vu underwater camera – they just attack the bait.

UV Green Perch

Ultimately, the Buck-Shot Rattle Spoon is an ice bait no angler should leave home without. Bro concludes, “He’s a proven performer catching fish all over the icebelt. To me, the Buck-Shot is like an insurance policy for putting fish on ice. The bait is honestly just as good. My advice? Go out and fish an assortment of colors and sizes for different species. You’ll be glad you did!”


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