Swan trapped in fishing gear was rescued minutes before drowning


A distressed swan trapped in tangled fishing tackle has been rescued – minutes before drowning.

The female swan was spotted struggling to stay above the water on The Flashes near Rilshaw Lane, opposite Lakeside Caravan Park.

Winsford resident Ian Daniells, who works for Lower Moss Wood Wildlife Hospital, rushed to the scene after his wife Elaine received an SOS call from a passerby around 11 a.m. Tuesday.

“The swan was drowning because the line was tied all the way around its body,” Ian said. “When he panicked, he was pulled underwater.

“He was bleeding quite profusely because his feathers had broken off.”

Paddlers Matt Bernal and Abbie Jones helped Ian reach the swan and then came back to pull out the rest of the line.

“They paddled me around the corner to where the swan was,” Ian said. “I picked her up, she was so exhausted that she didn’t fight and collapsed on the board.

“I got the majority of the dacron line from her there.

“The main flight feathers had been torn and badly damaged on both wings. The left leg was cut to the bone. I put it in a swan bag.”

Winsford Guardian:

The injured swan was placed in a special bag and taken to Stapeley Grange Wildlife Center

The swan was taken to Stapeley Grange Wildlife Center where vets immediately operated on and removed part of the line that had gone deep into its leg.

“They called me back and said it was a good prognosis. The swan is now on a course of antibiotics.

“We’re going to put her back exactly where we found her. Swans stay together for life and if she has a partner, he’ll miss her. At least this one is safe now.”

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Ian praised everyone who helped with the rescue and urged anglers to sound the alarm if their gear is severed.

“Real anglers get really upset when they have to leave something behind,” Ian said.

“If anglers are casting and their line gets caught in a distant branch, it will break and they won’t be able to get out to retrieve it.

“However, if the fishermen call me, I can arrange for the paddleboarders to come out and collect it.

“They do a great job cleaning up the line and any trash they spot.

“Love how this amazing little community picks up litter.

“The Flashes are our crown jewel.

“I have post-traumatic stress disorder and it’s absolutely amazing for me to save a swan and release it.

“We all enjoy the water. The swans are so graceful, it’s up to the locals to take care of this area.”


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