Shop Local: The fishing tackle shop in Wisbech that provides a champion


12:33 1 November 2020

6:55 PM December 14, 2020

The owners of Wisbech Gun and Tackle Shop are proud to say that they provide a four time world champion in fishing bait.

“Apparently our hemp seeds are the best on the market,” says Paddy, who runs the Market Place shop with his wife Sharon.

“So we have to do something right.”

The couple believe one of the reasons their customers stay loyal to them is that they always laugh and joke when they visit the store.

Paddy said: “Our customers love the jokes and the fact that we’re a good old-fashioned tackle shop.

“Customers can come for a ride, get advice on the gear we have, and chat about fishing in the area.

“You can ask anything about carp, coarse or pike fishing – we have that expertise, experience and knowledge.”

He added: “And that’s what you get when you choose to buy local.”

After opening the shop, they recently introduced air rifles which must be purchased from a registered dealer.

Sharon said: “It’s starting to get quiet for us at this time of year, but this year has been a weird one.

“The rivers were closed to fishing between March and June 16. Usually, between April and May, everyone who likes to fish prepares their equipment.

“The many shops opened the day before the rivers reopened – and it was manic.

“Everyone wanted to get back there, and we were up and down like yo-yos.

But it was great to be back and see everyone again, we had all missed each other.

The couple also said they noticed that it was quite difficult to get certain items in stock. In particular, items from more distant countries such as China.

Paddy said: “It’s clearly because of the pandemic.”

And he ended with a few words of experience on how to deal with customers.

He said: “The most important thing when working with the public is to be polite.

“Don’t rush anyone, make them comfortable and welcome.

“That’s what we do – and it works really well for us.”

He added: “We just talk to people exactly the way we would like to be talked to.”

Visit Wisbech Gun and Tackle Shop at 43 Market Place, Wisbech.


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