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Several federal, state and local funds support fishing and marine advertising. A few out-of-pocket expenses are required. Applying for grants might be intimidating, but studying funded project applications and seeking advice from those who have gone through can be beneficial.

Funding Needs

Some grants omit wages and capital expenditures, for example. Most grants demand frequent reporting on money used during and after the project. Grant programs can have varying eligibility requirements and funding goals.

Grant Ideas

Despite these restrictions, some fishermen have benefited from funding programs to create new goods, increase markets, and educate consumers. These programs cover themes like:

  • Fisheries
  • Pro-Fish
  • Exporting agri-food
  • Food
  • Health
  • Environment
  • entrepreneur growth
  • Green initiatives

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Here are some examples of fishing-related grant programs and resources:

  • Farm to School Grant Program: The USDA administers federal monies to enhance access to local foods (including seafood) in qualified schools.
  • Farmers Market Promotion Program: USDA subsidies are boost food producers’ direct-to-consumer marketing activities (including commercial fishers).
  • First Nations Development Institute: A Native American non-profit organization that helps tribes and Native non-profit organizations flourish.
  • Grants.Gov: A searchable database of current government grant possibilities.
  • Local Food Promotion Program: USDA grants available solely to businesses that act as mediators between farmers and consumers.
  • National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA): Posts current USDA funding opportunities for projects online.
  • News Digest: Online publishing of funding possibilities for projects from different grant-makers.
  • Fishing, harvesting, processing, marketing, and related infrastructures are all covered under the Saltonstall-Kennedy Grant Program. Funds availability vary year to year.
  • Projects funded by Sea Pact.
  • Various government agencies fund small business research grants to stimulate innovative research and technology transfer.
  • Fishing-related initiatives, such as seafood marketing and new product development, are eligible for state funds. Typically, these possibilities are for academic scholars to work with anglers. State Sea Grant Programs often publicize and administer these funds.
  • Firm Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA). A government initiative that helps firms harmed by import competition by funding 50-75% of the costs of consultants or industry experts.
  • Grants and Loans Search Tool from the SBA. A collection of financing initiatives available to fishers to start or extend their alternative marketing.
  • Value-Added Producer Grants (VAPG): USDA support to help food producers (including commercial fisherman) build business/marketing strategies, product feasibility studies, and pay startup expenses.

Establishing an alternative market generally requires additional permissions and paperwork. Before selling your fish, check with resource management, health, and commercial authorities.

This page’s content was compiled from interviews with fishers and purchasers, the Small Farm and Direct Marketing Handbook, ATTRA publications, and other sources.


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