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New Rumble Shad shakes the water for spring walleye action

Bemidji, MN (February 21, 2022) – Northland Fishing Tackle® has caused a stir in the premium hard bait category with the Rumble series of balsa wood baits designed by Northland Chief Bait Designer Jarmo Rapala – and fishing is better with balsa. Looking forward to the spring walleye bite, Northland is proud to offer anglers the Rumble Shad, a mid-range lure available in three sizes with varying dive depths. You’ll quickly find that walleyes and other species find the lure’s unique roll and tight action simply irresistible!

The #5 dives from 5′ to 12′; the #7 dives from 8′ to 16′; and #8 dives from 14′ to 21′. All are formed from balsa wood through the unique Heat Compression Molding (HCM) process and feature welded wire construction from eyelet to tail. Designed to mimic shad, perch and bluegills, the bait features a tight action whether cast and retrieved or dragged behind the boat.

The Rumble Shad is available in 15 custom craft colors, from hatch-matching designs to vibrant custom paint themes. The Rumble Shad also features premium short shank treble hooks and an oval split ring on the line attachment.

Northland pro Nick Lindner comments: “For me the Rumble Shad has been a key spring bait. The #5, the smallest Rumble Shad in the line, is a good choice and is ideal for casting or trolling. It’s so good in the spring because of the classic balsa shad pattern that matches the predominant forage size for walleye in the spring. The Rumble Shad has a subtle action – the movement is tight. My favorite apps are right after the Walleye Opener.

Lindner continues, “You can cast it on shallow rocks or sand flats, or alternatively, during the first week or two of the season when everyone is just dragging jigs and minnows on the bottom. . With the Rumble Shad, you can cover water faster and find active walleye pods. It really is a great tool in this situation.

Speaking of the wide range of 15 color options, Lindner sticks to more natural patterns on clear bodies of water. “On darker stained waters like in reservoirs and river systems,” he says in contrast, “I gravitate towards one of the color options that contains pink. This has been a go-to for me. The color Sneeze, too, was a real producer.

Lindner continues, “I monitor the predominant forage size for walleye throughout the season, starting with the diminutive #5 and getting larger as the young-of-the-year forage grows, which will signal an increase in the Rumble Shad range. .”

Jason Mitchell, Team Northland pro, adds, “It’s been an absolute phenomenon in cold water, both pitching and trolling. The Rumble Shad has a nice stall and floats when you work the rod and stop it. It has a better dive curve than similar sized and shaped baits due to its thinner beak. For me this has been a great slower cold water bait that just catches walleyes. I think this spring will be great bait for casting, especially early season walleye fishing around side dams, current breaks, rocks and riprap.

Mitchell continues, “The Rumble Shad just has a nice tight, delicate action that entices walleyes to bite. On the troll, pull it at 1.2, 1.3, 1.5 mph and it comes to life. And when you stop it, the bait recoils and floats nicely and it doesn’t take much to get it started.

Northland pro Joel Nelson adds, “In the spring, I’ll be fishing the bait earlier than most walleye anglers tend to, like the smaller #5 which dives 5-12 feet. I remember opening the season in Red Lake, Minnesota when everyone was jigging. the action was slow and the water was cold. People are slip-bobbing and we’re dragging figure 8s around them catching fish on the Rumble Shad, just smoking walleye. These people couldn’t get bitten for some reason, but shooting a little shad lure was just amazing and we had a limit of three fish men in twenty minutes. So my recommendation is to fish Rumble Shads early in the season.

“Then you have the mid-to-late summer period trailing the last quintessential light hour before dark, pulling them along the weed line and you’ll catch it all: walleye, pike, bass and even big crappie.. In the fall the big sizes are what I shoot with big wind patterns on a bunch of lakes.If the wind starts howling you get out second or second. third day and toss the larger sized Rumble Shads on top of the structure and you lower them into the rocks, and if you get stuck just take out the bait and give it a line and big walleyes will take it.

Northland pro Brian “Bro” Brosdahl adds, “The Rumble Shad has a unique tight swing in which the fish rush to eat. In testing I did a lot of casts and retrieves, and it all tracked. and hit. There are great matching colors and wicked colorful patterns. Personally, I think the Rumble Shad will be the hottest new walleye bait this spring. You can haul it on a flat line or lead core Personally, I like to cast them – a simple cast and reel or with a few jerks. They’re also great walleye bait. I caught some really big eyes on them during testing. In the end, the Rumble Shad is a fantastic weapon that every angler can take to their favorite walleye hole, it casts well and you can feel the bait throb as you spin.

For the quartet of walleye specialists, spring doesn’t come soon enough to bust the Rumble Shad on their favorite waters. Visit your favorite Northland Fishing Tackle dealer and stock up now before the stakes run out!

Rumble Shad Features and Specifications:
• Made from premium balsa wood
• Thermal Compression Molded (HCM) construction
• Welded wire construction from eyelet to tail
• Individually tank tested
• Premium short shank hooks
• Size- #5- 2 1/4″, 3/8oz, hook #6 (Depth- 5-12ft)
• Size- #7- 2 3/4″, 1/2oz, hook #4 (Depth- 8-16ft)
• Size- #8- 3 1/4″, 5/8oz, hook #3 (Depth- 14-21ft)
• 15 unique craft colors
MSRP $9.99


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