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Wise beyond their years, Warner’s Cash brothers took what they learned from their father Dustin to a whole new level.

Jaxson was fascinated by fishing lures and their manufacture. At eight, Jaxson made a wooden decoy from a dowel rod to give to his father, Dustin, on Father’s Day.

“Jaxson used the decoy first, grabbed a bass and never returned it to me,” laughed Dustin, who has a collection of early Jaxson prototypes in his office.

Jaxson, who turns 14 in July, is helped by his younger brother Rylan, 12.

Rylan enjoys fishing, hunting and basketball while Jaxson spends his time fishing, hunting and playing all kinds of sports.

Dustin, who practices taxidermy as a hobby, said his two sons have artistic abilities, which I wish I had.

Jaxson began to want to make his own bait and market it.

The boys came up with the name, Big League Baits, one night after a baseball game at Hatbox Field.

Jaxson also designed his own logo for the packaging.

“I’ve always wanted to make my own lures,” Jaxson said. “There are endless possibilities when it comes to colors, sequins and combos. His mother, Dana, says he has an aptitude for engineering.

For Christmas, Jaxson asked for molds to pour his own bait into.

This is a family business that creates bespoke scented crappie lures, specializing in the well-known fluke and beaver tails. Baits are 2.5 inches long with 10 baits in a bag. You can order from the Cash brothers and they accept the Cash app. Baits cost $ 4.00 per bag.

I have known their maternal grandparents, Randy and Linda Brassfield, for a long time. Randy owns a boat repair shop, Performance Plus Marine, in Muskogee, and he’s the one who gave me information about budding engineering contractors.

I went to Cash’s house and store to see the wonders of the boy at work.

They certainly have a skillful operation. After heating the plastic in the microwave and adding the sweet scent of anise, the molds are ready to be poured.

The installation of the plastic is done in a very short time. The boys opened the mussels and voila, the baits are finished.

Then comes the quality control and Jaxson is very demanding on his product. Lures that have a defect are removed and remelted.

At the end of the process is the packaging and storage in a case, ready to be distributed in store or shipped to a private customer.

Occasionally, lure product testing is done at the family pond.

Currently Big League Baits are sold at Warner Hardware Store, Lucky Lure Tackle in OKC, Rebel Bait Shop in Haileyville, Miller’s Dam Store in Enterprise. You can also find them on Facebook.

I appreciate the dedication of Dustin and Dana Cash to furthering the dreams and inventiveness of their sons. The sky is the limit of what the brothers can accomplish in the future.

I’ve always said — get a kid involved in hunting, fishing, and the outdoors and it’ll keep them from going off the streets and getting into trouble.

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