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December 14, 2021 by Keith Worrall

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Fishing industry notable Jason Mitchell brings years of expertise to Northland’s professional open water staff and product development team

BEMIDJI, Minn. (December 13, 2021) – Northland is proud to announce the addition of fishing industry stalwart Jason Mitchell, television host and producer and esteemed former walleye guide, to its ranks of professional open water staff. and its product development team.

“We have been using Northland Fishing Tackle gear in open water for years. I’m a big fan of the Rainbow Spinner Harness, Butterfly Blade Float’n Harness, Deep V jig, and much more. Northland offers iconic products, especially in the field of walleye fishing that we all know. I am therefore particularly happy to now have the opportunity to help them develop their new Rumble series range of crank lures. It was a dream come true to really get your hands on something, test products and develop products. And that’s the game plan for the future,” Mitchell said.

He continued, “You look at the popularity of Fire-Ball Jigs and all the different spinners; they did a lot of things right – in the past two years I’ve caught tons of walleyes on various Butterfly rigs. And I’m a big fan of Whistler Jigs. And now Northland is bringing that same heritage to the crank bait market.

Mitchell said what’s been gratifying is how Northland staff want to hear ideas, experiences, and if something isn’t working, they want to know how to improve it. “I understand that’s how they were able to develop some of the best products in the industry. If you release a prototype and you can’t catch any fish with it, let’s see what’s wrong, change it, or come up with something different,” Mitchell noted.

“And it’s not just me, we have a whole team of guys who pull the paint off these decoys trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Working with prototypes on the product development side is really When we can get our hands on prototypes and develop bait throughout the summer and at the end of the year figure out which ones worked and which ones didn’t, that’s pretty cool. Many fishing companies develop baits that have never been tested and market them hoping they will catch fish.Sometimes you are lucky, but often not.Spending time and developing baits in which we trust, that means a lot. With crankbaits, there are a lot of factors to consider: profile, action, vibration, water displacement and buoyancy to name a few,” noted Mitchell.

Mitchell said he was really excited to come up with a bait idea and then prototype it for testing. “From the drawing board to the planing board is quite an enriching experience. Maybe you need a deeper dive curve, maybe you need to move the rattles. I just can’t wait to take these prototypes and the ideas I have and develop bait that catches walleyes.

New Northland Rumble Shad Balsa Wood

Already, Mitchell has had success with the new line of Rumble Series crankbaits, which he tested extensively last season through the golden belt.

“I’ve had great luck with the Rumble Series crankbaits, especially the Snarling shad. Not all bait catches fish everywhere, every time and if you say you have plenty. But the Rumble Shad really seemed to glow when the water got cold. I think there’s something to be said for that cold water balsa action early and late in the year. I was particularly lucky when I started it and stopped it with the rod in my hand. It really seemed to trigger fish. What makes the Rumble Shad different is that it has a shaved beak, which for years bass anglers shaved the edges of the beak, which would allow the lure to start moving the water at a faster speed. slowly while increasing your dive curve. The Rumble Shad has a very thin taper on the edge of the spout – you get that extra water displacement at slower speeds. It’s almost as if it still moves when you stop it.

He added: “The color selection available in the Rumble series of crankbaits is also excellent. They really knocked out of the stadium. They have the colors we need and want.

When it comes to working with Northland Fishing Tackle staff, he describes the relationship as “family”. “It’s been great working with the Northland team – I’ve known them for years. I had a relationship with Northland’s sales manager, Eric Naig, when he worked at Berkley. The rest of the staff, Kyle, Sam, Charlie and Mike are all top guys. They are all confident and good at what they do. I’ve always seen Northland Marketing Director Mike Anselmo at sports shows, but I’ve never really connected. Now, by visiting him, I had the chance to learn more about his vast experience and what he brings to the whole team. It is very impressive. He’s a wise man in the industry, and I respect that a lot.

“Jason is as influential as anyone in this industry and has built a loyal following,” said Mike Anselmo, Northland’s chief marketing officer. “The relationship between Northland and Jason Mitchell is natural and easy to understand. His work with us directly benefits the promotional and product development aspects of our business. Jason is a credible voice and anglers around the world value his opinion. We will do great things together.

Northland CEO Gregg Wollner added, “I have admired Jason’s work for over 20 years. I am really looking forward to this opportunity. Jason will be a key part of our promotional mix and will be instrumental in our product development. »

Again, kudos to Jason Mitchell and Northland Fishing Tackle for bringing together more expertise to create bait that catches fish. The future looks particularly bright.


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