Humminbird’s TargetLock feature helps improve fishing techniques


If recent developments at Camp Humminbird mean anything, anglers of all kinds will soon be even more able to focus on the areas they know and find success through full boat control and underwater imagery. sophisticated.

The new Humminbird target lock allows anglers to lock the MEGA Live beam in the direction of the underwater structure, so that even when the boat is moving, the MEGA Live view remains fixed in that direction.

TargetLock essentially solves a big problem with two other fishing innovations, Humminbird’s MEGA Live Imaging and Minn Kota’s Spot Lock, which holds a boat in place using its trolling motor. It is deployed with an independently mounted accessory separate from the trolling motor shaft, allowing full use of the trolling motor in conjunction with MEGA Live. Previously, each feature could only be used independently, not at the same time. Now, with the help of TargetLock, even the strongest winds or currents won’t affect the setup.

Professional anglers are already using TargetLock to good effect, including Kevin VanDam and Carl Jocumsenboth of which have completed the new feature with concrete proof that it can be a great benefit.

TargetLock control can be performed in several ways: the included MEGA Live foot pedal, the trolling motor pedal using the Minn Kota Steer feature (which requires a motor using the i-Pilot Link), a Humminbird fish finder , or from an optional handheld remote sold separately. Versatility of controls aligns well with the purpose of Humminbird and Minn Kota’s One-Boat Network. The integration of all these tools together and an ease of use factor was an important feature, and the products prove valuable far beyond what yesterday’s anglers could imagine.

Now that fish and structure can be so easily seen in conjunction with full control of a boat via the trolling motor, the possibilities to execute the perfect cast and watch real-time underwater footage are child’s play.

TargetLock is exclusively compatible with Minn Kota Ultrex 45 inch & 52 inch trolling motors, and all APEX, SOLIX & HELIX 8-12 G3N & HELIX 7-15 G4N control head models (must be MEGA Side Imaging or MEGA Down Imaging models work correctly). It comes with a price tag of $2,999.99.

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