Dan D talks about fishing tournaments and local events in Henry County


Youth fishing derby

Wow! Has it ever been a big hit! The Geneseo Izaak Walton League held its annual “Youth Fishing Derby” on Saturday June 11th. There were 90 children between 2 and 16 years old who participated. Many trophies and door prizes were awarded. A free lunch was offered to all children and adults. The weather was beautiful and the fish were hungry! The following children have won a trophy and/or new fishing tackle.

Age group 2-5: 1st place: Ezekiel Medina; 2nd Father Micah Medina; 3rd Fr. Grace Flaherty; 4th Fr. Connor Flaherty; 5th Shoemaker P. Eliza; 6th P. Brynley Clendenin;

Age group 6-9: 1st place: Shae Robertson; 2nd Fr. Madelyn Flaherty; 3rd Fr. Hadley Abbott; 4th Fr. Harper Peters; 5th P. Camryn? 6th Fr. Hudson Joseph;

Age group 10-12: 1st place: Faith Kuster; 2nd Fr. Savanna Thompson; 3rd Fr. Makayla Harris; 4th Fr. Tylaiha McNeal; 5th Fr. Ella Johnson; 6th Fr. Hannah Wildemuth; Age group 13-16: 1st place: Kjerstin Wildemuch; 2nd Fr. Jessa Gramling; 3rd Fr. LeAnn Oleson; 4th Fr. Tyler Tafoyen; 5th Fr. Cora Gorman; 6th Fr. Seth McIntire.

What determined 1st through 6th place was the total number of inches of all fish caught by an individual. A big “thank you” to all those volunteers, individuals and businesses who contributed to a very successful and fun morning at Ikes Park.

Tyler Tafoyen caught this big 15" bass at Geneseo Ikes "Youth fishing derby" June 11.

college music

The Geneseo Middle School Band will be performing in City Park on Tuesday, June 28, 2022. I believe they start their concert at 7 p.m. The Geneseo Performing Arts Council (GPAC) will host the social ice cream. It is particularly important to support these young musicians.

To joke

Sue DeBruyckere frantically called the fire department to report a fire in her neighborhood. The 911 dispatcher asked, “How do I get there?” Sue replied, “Don’t you have those big red fire engines yet?”

whale watching

If you “one day” have the chance to go whale watching, do it! For years we would visit my mother and stepfather on Cape Cod. It was only a half hour drive from their home to catch a whale watching boat. Once a humpback whale came right by our boat and just stared at us. It was an incredible thing to see. In the latest publication from the Smithsonian, there is a chart that shows that protecting whales really pays off. In 1972, the population of humpback whales was less than 5,000. With major regulations in 1972, 1979, 1986 and 2021, the International Whaling Commission showed an increase in the Southwest Atlantic humpback whale to nearly of 30,000 of the ocean’s largest creatures. The southern right whale rebounded more slowly, but that’s because they traditionally give birth less often than humpback whales. So if your summer vacation takes you to an ocean where you can go whale watching, take the opportunity of a lifetime and watch these giant mammals.


This small town takes its name from a Geneseo hunter. He was also a cooper. He was hunting one day and came to a grove of trees that would be good for barrels. He needed hoops and poles to make the barrels. The town was soon called Hooppole Grove, but the locals eventually wanted a word so they dropped the “Grove”.


Which skunk lives in a church? Pepe the Pew. When does a sheep look like a dog? When he has fleece. What do you call it when a bull swallows a stick of dynamite? A-bomb in a bull. Sharon asks Vic, “What do you call a deer without eyes?” Vic says, “Deer without an eye!” Bears don’t wear shoes because they have bear feet. What do you call a pampered cow? Spoiled milk. Ha! Not so comedian reached “80” today. Ugh!!


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